B&W Telugu Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, and More

B&W Telugu Movie OTT Release Date: The emerging name of Telugu actress Hebah Patel has banked upon yet another Tollywood thriller named B&W. The movie stands for Black and White and the trailer has been already launched on YouTube.

Although in the previous movie the actress failed to do any wonders at the box office yet this other release seems to have an interesting plot. If you have also watched the trailer of the movie and seeking more information on its release date, OTT platform, and so on then you are going to find it all here in the article.
Hebah Patel has been doing her best to win a fine number of audiences towards her movies from Tollywood. With the same hope, she is back with yet another promising thriller flick called B&W. The trailer of the movie has already been making rounds on social media platforms. The audience seems to have been taking a notable interest in the plot of the movie which is definitely intriguing. The movie has been directed by the famous Tollywood name Padmanabha & Surendra Reddy brothers who have given some previous hits in the industry. 

Movie Storyline/Plot

The movie basically lifts the curtain by introducing a young woman who has recently gone through a harsh break. She is now an independent young free woman living her life on her own terms without any relationship commitments. However, her breakup had happened to be on a very harsh note which leads to the happening of some strange incidents around her and in the residence. This is where the whole plot of the movie picks up the core interest as the movie seems to move towards the full of suspense notes. The teaser of the movie is quite brief less than 1 and a half minutes and teases only with the above-mentioned storyline.

Full Cast & Crew

This is a kind of thriller movie that revolves around some of its main casts only from its beginning to the climax. The movie takes Hebah Patel, Surya Srinivas, Naveen Neni, and Lahari Shari in the lead roles. There is some other supporting cast as well that begs the minor play in the movie. The movie has been directed by the famous and successful Tollywood brothers known as Padmanabha and Sundeep Reddy. The cinematography of the movie has been well executed by Surendra reddy having the musical composer as Asheer Luke and Ajay Arasada. The overall cast and crew of the movie and the production house have put their best to bring it as an attention-seeking thriller.

B&W Telugu Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, and More

Well, we can definitely guess that after going through the teaser and plot of the movie you are definitely looking forward to watching the movie. We are here to make it easily possible to get early access to the broadcast of the movie. For the same objective, we are here below putting all the information concerning the release date and platform of the movie.

Movie Name B&W 
Release Date  TBA 
OTT Platform TBA 
Language Telugu (English Subtitles) 
Cast/Starring  Lead Roles in Hebah Patel, Surya Srinivas, Lahari Shari Other co-stars 
Director Padmanabha and Sundeep Reddy 
Theatrical Release NA 
Trailer Release 29th October on Youtube  
Film Industry Tollywood 

B&W Telugu Movie Digital Rights for OTT Platform

We are living in the digital era where almost all movies get their release on the ott platform either early or in the subsequent release. This particular movie is also having a high probability to get its ott release from the makers during its launch period. However as of now since only the teaser of the movie has been released thus there is no information available on its ott release platform and dates schedule.  We thus suggest that Telugu movie lovers stay tuned with some patience until more information is provided by the makers regarding the same. We shall also add and update the information regarding its ott platform and date of release once we get to receive it with utmost accuracy.

B&W Theatres/ OTT Release 

Well, we can understand the dilemma and queries of our movie lovers figuring out if this movie is going to be aired in theatres or on ott. As of now since only the teaser of the movie has been released thus it is early to predict the same. We believe that the movie is going to make its way to some ott platform. We however yet advise the readers to have some patience and wait for the official updates on the same from the makers of the movie. We will also announce the same at our portal as soon as we get the same clarity for the same.

B&W Telugu Movie OTT Trailer

FAQs: B&W Telugu Movie OTT

On Which OTT Platform Can We Watch Telugu B&W Movies?

As of now, there is no official platform that has been given the streaming rights for the movie. We advise movie lovers to have some more patience to get clarity on the same from the makers of the movie.

What is OTT Release Date & Time for B&W Movie?

Since only the teaser of the movie has been released as of now we thus request that movie lovers wait until at least the trailer is launched to get the movie ott release date and timing.

Is B&W Telugu Movie Streaming on Amazon Prime?

No, as of now the movie isn’t available on Amazon prime or other ott platforms since the movie has not been released yet to stream on ott.

What Does OTT Mean?

OTT basically stands for “Over the Top” which represents the streaming rights of any movie or web series over digital online platforms on the internet.

Our Words/Reviews of the Movie

Well, we have been quite hopeful for the movie after having a glimpse of its shorter-than-shot teaser. The teaser looked quite a thriller and promised to define the fine acting of Hebah Patel and the other leading cast for the overall theme of the movie.

Moreover, the movie also touches on the modern perspective of leading a life of freedom and self terms after successfully getting out of an abusive relationship. However, the movie thriller seems to be based on supernatural activities that definitely make the movie look forward to.

So for that sake, we are definitely going to recommend it to all our movie lovers here and try to conclude if the climax of the movie was indeed worth it.






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