Karthi’s Sardar Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, and More

Karthi’s Sardar Movie OTT Release Date: The much-awaited Tamil spy thriller Karthi’s Sardar hit the theaters on October 21st and is taking the box office by storm. The movie has been rated over 8 on IMDb and is standing strong among all the action thriller lovers across the Tami and Indian cinema. Karthik Shivkumar is a maestro of an actor who never ceases to amaze the fans with his action and acting skills. The actor has already given a number of blockbusters in the past to Tamil and Indian cinema.

With this new release he is yet again taking over the industry with a bang and the fans are already in the awe of this new released. Karthi’s Sardar has been written and proficiently directed by the ace director P.S Mithran and produced under S. Laxman Kumar. We are basically going to review this movie for all our OTT platform lovers who are impatiently waiting for it on digital platforms. In the article, they will find all the useful and relevant information concerning the movie ott release date, platform, and everything else.

Movie Storyline/Plot

Well, the plot of Sardar basically lifts the curtain introducing inspector Vijay (Karthi) who is an orphan raised by a police constable. Vijay has been living his life under the tag of being the son of a traitor who has betrayed the Indian spy agency raw. While his father is still serving in prison for his crime the family, on the other hand, committed suicide and inspector Vijay was left alone. The plot takes the whole formation when a case of woman links inspector Vijay to his father’s case. As he takes on the case while going through all the buried files new things open up stating to him the whole lot different reality of his prisoned father’s tale.

Full Cast & Crew

The movie comes with a very specific cast having the lead roles of Karthi, Rajisha Vijayan, Rashi Khanna, Simran, Murali Sharma, and Chunky Pandey. The prominent name of Bollywood Chunky Pandey has made his Kollywood debut with this particular movie. It is also notable here that Karthi himself played the dual role of inspector Vijay and his imprisoned father by himself which is the role that he has aced for the first time in his career. Furthermore, the movie’s production-related work was handled by GV George with his team. The music has been composed and given by Prakash Kumar along with the contribution of S. Lakshman.

Karthi’s Sardar Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, and More

Well, it is highly unlikely to get the ott lover’s attention from the release of any action thriller movie. The whole wait and excitement rather get compounded when the movie is starring the big fame name Karthi. We can thus understand that all our readers here impatiently want to know about the movie’s ott release date, timing, and name of the platform as well. We are keeping this whole thing simple by compiling the same information below for the readers.

Movie NameSardar
Release Date21ST October (Theatres)
OTT PlatformTBA
LanguageTelugu (English Subtitles)
Cast/StarringLead Roles in Karthi, Rajisha Vijayan,, Rashi Khanna, Simran, Murali Sharma, Chunky Pandey & Other co-stars
Theatrical ReleaseYes
Trailer ReleaseYoutube
Film IndustryTollywood
DirectorP.S Mithran

Sardar Telugu Movie Digital OTT Platform Rights

Well at the moment of publishing this article there is no official news or updates from the makers of the movie regarding its digital rights. The movie has been launched in theatres and doing the rounds there only across the country. We believe that due to the huge demand for the ott trend the makers will eventually release it on the ott platforms as well. So for the time being all the ott lovers need to have some more patience for the same. Once we get the updates for the OTT platform release of the movie then we will update the same here.

Sardar Theaters / OTT Release

In modern digital times, the ott platform is becoming the other significant platform where movies are released. So technically it is up to the movie makers to release the movie on the ideal or suitable platform to reach the audience in masses. This particular movie of Karthi has been solely reserved for the theatres only in its early phase of release. So if you are looking forward to watching the movie like at the moment then you need to go to the nearby theaters. The movie has got the screen all over the country and not just in the Southern region of the country. If you can however have some patience to watch the movie from the comfort of home then simply wait for its ott release. We believe the movie will eventually get its OTT release too soon than sooner.

Sardar Movie Trailor

FAQ: On Sardar Movie OTT Release

On Which OTT Platform Can I Online Watch Sardar Movie?

As of now, the movie is only available in theaters not on ott platforms anywhere across the country. We urge the fans to stay patient for some more time until it gets the ott release.

What is OTT?

OTT stands for “Over the Top” which is the digital online broadcasting platform medium for different types of content including movies, web series, etc.

Is Karthi’s Sardar Movie Available on Amazon Prime?

No, as of now the digital ott rights of the movie have not been sold to Amazon prime so you won’t find it there until further progress.

Our Reviews of the Movie

Karthik Sivakumar is a prominent figure from the Kollywood industry who has already proved his incredible acting skills in the earlier released blockbusters. This particular movie is definitely a class apart for its niche that it belongs. The movie is a work of pure fiction yet it definitely serves its purpose of entertaining the audience with a classic action thriller. Moreover, the movie also highlights the prevalence of the water mafia which is something that touches the aspects of our society. Overall the movie is a perfect blend of action that touches the plot and justifies it in a sensible manner.






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