Ori Devuda Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, and More

Ori Devuda Movie OTT Release Date: We are back reviewing another lately released Telugu romantic comedy movie called Ori Devuda. The movie has already been released in theatres on October 21st across the country. It stars the popular name of Telugu actor Venkatesh and the other leading cast of Vishwask Sen, Mithila Palkar, and Asha Bhat. Ori Devuda has been making the rounds on social media with mixed reviews from Telugu romantic comedy movie lovers. Critics also have their own take and ratings on the movie holding it on the average scale.

The movie basically begins revolving around the story of three lead characters Arjun, Anu & Meera. These roles have been basically played by Vishwak Sen, Mithila Palkar, and Asha Bhat respectively. In the article, we are basically going to review the movie for our viewers and also put the useful information concerning its release date, ott platform, and much more useful information to let them enjoy it in an uninterrupted manner.

Movie Storyline/ Plot

Young Arjun and Anu have grown together since their childhood and share a decent buddy bond since then. By the time they both are grown Anu feels all smitten by Arjun and she asks for it rather than proposes to him for marriage. Fast forward Arjun joins his father’s in-law office but lacks the kind of contentment that he seeks in his life. The same lead to raising dispute in his marital life and the marriage gradually reaches the point of divorce from Arjun. However, since Anu doesn’t want the divorce thus their divorce battle happens in the courtroom.

Amidst the trial popular actors comes into the plot as playing the role of a God. He gives Arjun a chance to rethink the decision to divorce since marriage is something that is written into his destiny already. However, by this time, Arjun has developed his feelings for his friend Meera and he is now in utter confusion to take the right call for his marriage on one hand and for his feelings on the other. The movie proceeds further along from this point in the trailer which was earlier released in the month.

Full Cast & Crew

The two new faces of Telugu cinema actresses Mithila Palkar and Asha But are making their debut with this fantasy cum romantic love story movie. Vishwak Sen has already done several big movies in the Telugu industry however hasn’t been able to make them big enough. Venkatesh is the one big name of Telugu cinema that puts the movie in notable consideration for all Telugu movie lovers. There is some other supportive cast in the side roles rendering the full-fledged view of the movie. The cast of the movie has done a decent job to bring reasonable ecstasy and fantasy thriller to the movie.

Ori Devuda Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, and More

Well, we can understand that all the OTT lovers here must be excited to know the ott release date and platform of this movie. As usual, we are here to provide our readers with all such information in one place for their convenience. We urge the readers to check out all the information concerning the OTT broadcasting rights, date, and platform of Ori Devuda.

Movie NameOri Devuda
Release Date21ST October (Theatres)
OTT PlatformTBA
LanguageTelugu (English Subtitles)
Cast/StarringLead Roles in Vishwak Sen, Venkatesh, Mithila Palkar, Asha Bhat & Other co stars
DirectorAshwanth Marimuthu
Theatrical ReleaseYes
Trailer ReleaseYoutube
Film IndustryTollywood

Ori Devuda Telugu Movie Digital OTT Platform Rights

We are living in the digital era where the most source of entertainment sails through the OTT platform earlier or later. The majority of the movies eventually get broadcasting rights on the OTT platform and this trend is equally popular in the Telugu industry as well. As of now, Ori Devuda has not got any such confirmation for the OTT broadcasting from the makers of the movie. It is simply the fact that the movie has been earlier launched in the theaters and is having its full-fledged screening there only for the while. So we suggest the readers have some more patience for getting legitimate information for the OTT broadcasting rights.

Ori Devuda Theatres/ OTT Release

If you are someone who is fond of watching movies on the big theatrical screen then you can joyfully enjoy Ori Devuda in theatres. The early release of the movie has been kept for the theatres only keeping real Telugu movie lovers in consideration. There are numerous numbers of screen movie has been allotted across the country. Rest for the OTT release there has not been any official information and updates on the same from the makers. We although hope that the movie will eventually get its OTT broadcasting as well at any of the popular platforms around the country.

Ori Devuda Movie Trailer

FAQ: On Ori Devuda Movie OTT Release

1. On Which OTT Platform Can I Watch Ori Devuda Online?

Unfortunately for OTT lovers as the Ori Devuda got its early release only for the theater’s movie lovers. So you can either be patient until the movie eventually gets the ott broadcasting or enjoy it in the nearby theaters.

2. What is Ori Devuda OTT Release Date & Timing?

Well, as of now there is no official confirmation regarding the OTT release date for the movie from the makers of this movie.

3. Is Ori Devuda Available on Amazon Prime?

No, Ori Devuda hasn’t got any of its OTT platform release rights for now as it has been released in theatres only.

Our Final Review of the Movie

Well, the movie has attempted to give the perfect blend of romantic love story cum with half of the fantasy. It actually succeeds to hit the expectation and taste of the audience to a significant extent but then again some part of it disappoints in the last half. We believe if you are someone who tends to enjoy a somewhat twist in the bonding-based love getting spoiled then this movie definitely bags something for you. The overall message of the movie is quite successful in that it passes in the end going through some real and unreal fantasies taking part.







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