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Double XL Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, and More

Double XL Movie OTT Release Date: Netflix is all set to stream another Bollywood release the Double XL movie that is trending all over the internet these days. The movie is based on breaking the typical societal dogma that the beauty of a person is highly centered upon one’s body weight, facial structure, complexion, and other attributes. The release of Double XL is creating that much-needed buzz of discussion that our society now needs to embrace and accept.

Here we are compiling all the details about the OTT release date of the movie along with the OTT platform name and all other necessary information. As usual, our all efforts are readers-centric so that they don’t miss any of the upcoming and highly trending content on the OTT platforms.

Double XL Trailer

The popular OTT platform Netflix has recently grabbed the OTT streaming rights for the upcoming movie called Double XL. The platform is on its way to releasing it less than a month later on November 4, 2022, as the trailer of the movie has always been launched. The movie has been making a buzz since its trailer launch and has already created its audience, especially for the whole plot and the ultimate subject that the movie wants to shed some light on.

Plot of Movie

Well as the name suggests this movie is bringing into light two plus-sized women who are taking over the set standards of society that beauty revolves around body weight. Being born in the typical lower middle-class family these two women have their own challenges to find their love while spinning around the path of career at the same time.

The trailer of the movie basically opens up with Huma Qureshi who is in her dreams being approached for the dance by the dashing man Shikhar Dhawan. However, before she gets to the dance floor her dream is shattered by her angry mother who is insisting her on waking up. 

The other lead character of the movie is Sonakshi Sinha with her plus-sized body and pursuing the profession of fashion design. However, she is also living in the misery of being cheated on by her boyfriend who is with her just for apparent namesake.

Moving from the background plot of the characters both of these plus-sized women decide to move to London and prove the standard of society for beauty as pathetic. This is where the movie takes on as both of these women being rebellious take their first step out to live their life on their own terms and standards of beauty.

Cast & Crew

The two actresses in the lead roles of the cast are Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi playing the role of two plus-sized women. The other two opposite male characters are Zaheer Iqbal and Mahat Raghvendra along with the other supporting actors. The overall cast and crew of the movie have been kept very precise and there are some foreign characters playing their roles as a native of England.

Double XL Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, and more 

If you are looking forward to streaming this movie touching a very sensitive and needful matter of our society then you can simply get it on Netflix. You can check out the whole timeline of the movie below for your reference and then plan to watch it with friends and family or even on a sole basis. 

Movie Name Double XL 
Release Date  November 4th, 2022 
OTT Platform Netflix 
Language Hindi (English Subtitles) 
Cast/Starring  Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi, Zaheer Iqbal, Mahat Raghavendra, and Other Supporting casts 
Director Satram Ramani 
Theatrical Release NA 
Trailer Release 12th October on Youtube  
Film Industry Bollywood 

Double XL Digital Rights for OTT Platform

Well since the OTT platforms are these days turning out to be mainstream platforms of entertainment for millennials thus this movie is also paving its way on the same platform. Netflix has already grabbed its streaming rights for the movie on 4th November as the exclusive platform. There is basically no such intention or plan from the makers to release the movie in theaters. It is basically a low budget mid category Bollywood movie that is coming to prevail over the harsh reality of our society. The only objective of the movie is to change the typical perception of society that beauty is the character of a person going beyond body weight and all other physical features.

Double XL Theatres/OTT Release

As per the latest announcements and the updates regarding the launch of the movie by the makers the OTT release has been made to the public announcement. The movie is going to be available on Netflix exclusively from the 4th of November for Indian and global streaming. So if you are keen on watching the movie then you should be on a Netflix subscription. Furthermore, the movie can be streamed on any typical digital device such as a laptop, computer, smartphone, iPhone, etc.

Double XL Movie Trailer


What is OTT Release Date and Timing of the Double XL Movie?

The movie is going to be streaming from the 4th of November onwards any time after 12:00 am onwards. We urge the viewers to stay tuned with the platform so as to begin streaming the movie as soon as it gets available there.

On which OTT Platform Can We Watch the Double XL Movie?

The movie is exclusively going to be available on the Netflix platform across the India and world. 

Who Acquired the OTT Streaming Rights for Double XL Movie? 

As per the latest announcement from the makers of the movie the OTT streaming rights have been bought by the Netflix platform on its platform exclusively. 

Is Double XL Movie Available on Prime Video? 

No, the movie streaming rights have been acquired by Netflix thus it is available only on the same platform.

What Does the OTT Platform Mean? 

OTT means a digital platform that stands for “Over the Top” and by this platform, one can stream online movies, web series, and other sorts of entertainment.

 Our Review/Words on Movie

Well, the Double XL is not a big-budget or top-starring kid’s movie, unlike the other Bollywood big-banner movie. However, the subject or the plot of the movie is what puts it into serious consideration since the movie is touching on a dogma that our society needs to have the right perspective on. It is a blend of entertainment yet a very deep consideration of the actual meaning of beauty that most of us judge by looking at only one outer aspect of the person.

In the end, the movie concludes only by learning that we as human beings deserve love and happiness going beyond our body weight and other facial features. The movie is definitely worth watching for all types of viewers from all generations and ages bars in a family throughout our society.






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